5 HR hacks for start-ups

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As a start-up or even an established SME, the one function there never seems to be time for is ironically, the one function that has the potential to exercise the single most important effect on your bottom line and even the survival of your business: your ability to recruit and retain talent.
In the initial chaos and tight financial bootstrapping of most start-ups, it is understandable - but still odd - that given the centrality of the HR function, it is almost always the last internal division to be created. Where external service providers are used e.g. for recruitment, the costs can be prohibitive at best, crippling at worst. But there is a middle way. Over the next 5 weeks we will look at a toolbox of 5 resources that will enable you to recruit and retain talent with the same tools that Fortune 500 companies use - for a fraction of the cost.
  1. Psychometric Testing
  2. Interview Coaching (For the interviewer!)
  3. Outplacement Consultant (Really? Yes)
  4. Career transition Services (Huh? Yes)
  5. Outplacement support Services (Again, really? Yes) 
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