When redundancy happens, the effects can ripple far beyond those directly affected: in the office and at home. Choose a consultancy that understands this.

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Being heard

I found the experience surprisingly good - although I was hesitant to take up my ex company's offer at first. Just to have someone to talk to who listened and was willing to let me be angry (and all the other emotions I went through) was very helpful.

Jenna N

A time to refocus

Probably the biggest thing I got from the (Outplacement) experience was a chance to reassess if my previous career actually made me happy. Carmen's guidance was invaluable and helped me refocus on pursuing something I might never have decided to do had this not happened to me.

Kerry B

Starting over

I would never have chosen my life to turn out this way because the experience of being made redundant was very, I guess 'brutal' is the best word. I still haven't decided yet what I want to do with my life, but as I go through this programme with Carmen, I am finding that sometimes the best time for change is when you have nothing to lose - and it can be empowering - still a difficult time, but it is the chance for a new start which Carmen is helping me to embrace. It's funny - its like I needed an excuse to change and this is it.

Ella D

My own pace

Although I could see the benefits of going through the programme, I wasn't ready when it (redundancy) first happened. My ex-employer left the window open for me to use them (Oz Outplacement) for 6 months. I met Carmen and appreciated that she listened and gave me the space I needed to self-medicate with chocolate and some 'me' time, Now that I have started the programme, I know that I did need that time to come to terms with what happened and love the fact that Carmen has worked with me at my own pace.

Amy L