Resume hints for 2018: 6 items you should never include on your resume.

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 1. Cover page: Recruiters spend only about 6 seconds screening an individual resume for fit. They know what a resume looks like. There is no need to waste valuable screen time (or trees) with a cover page announcing that this document is in fact a resume.

 2. Address: The purpose of an address on a resume was so that a company had somewhere to direct return correspondence e.g. a response or an offer. Since almost all communication is now conducted via either online portals, emails or over the phone, this is no longer necessary or advised. Including your residential address on your CV has few upsides but a number of possible downsides, e.g.:

a) Unconscious bias against a particular suburb for whatever reason.

b) Distance: if the recruiter / employer believes that you live too far away from the place of work and would be unlikely to commute long-term, they might automatically exclude your application.

3. Your age: This is irrelevant and could prejudice your application for any number of reasons.

4. Marital Status: Again, no upside, irrelevant and could prejudice your application for any number of reasons.

5. Hobbies / Interests unless directly related to the position you are applying for.

6. Referees: Never provide references upfront unless specifically requested to do so and then only after you have requested permission and forewarned the referees that they might possibly be contacted. It is always good manners to let the referees choose the means by which they are willing to be contacted, especially if you are applying for multiple positions. 

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